Life After Lithium

My life as a patient
Before lithium
12 years of lithium “therapy”

Lithium basics
A Note to Parents: So your kid is taking lithium. What now?
Why are people given lithium?
Why are people diagnosed with bipolar disorder?
The politics of hypomania
Schizoaffective disorder
My doctor prescribed this. Doesn’t that mean it is safe and effective?
But doesn’t lithium save lives?
My doctor told me lithium is a salt, not a drug. Is this true?
Lithium is found in nature. Doesn’t that mean it’s natural?
How could lithium be dangerous if WHO includes it on the list of essential medicines?

The consequences of taking lithium
Short-term effects
Long term consequences

Social and economic consequences of taking lithium
Risk of more or increasingly severe psychiatric diagnoses
Risk of being prescribed or forced onto other harmful drugs
Risk of revolving-door hospitalization
Coerced unemployment
What is HIPAA and how does it relate to this?

Taking your life back
I’ve been harmed by those who claimed to help. Now what?
The problem with social media
But I can’t take care of myself without help. What am I going to do?
What about depression?
How do I recover from drug-induced insomnia?

I gained weight from psych drugs. How do I safely take it off?
Getting off disability and returning to work
The problem of finances
Healing trauma through activism
The power of pets
Escaping your diagnosis
Reflecting and rebuilding
Reviving your kidneys
Reviving your thyroid
Why I am refusing dialysis

Life After Lithium
My life today
My wish for all of you
Giving back

Further resources and suggested reading